New Book Trailer for “…but they call me Sonny”

Welcome to the book trailer for “…but they call me Sonny.”  Please enjoy as this video depicts the actual  life and times of the Great Depression.   A period of history where supplies were scarce, and to survive, neighbors had to pitch in or reach out to one another in order to make it through the hard times.

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More reviews from the readers of …but they call me Sonny

From the first time …but they call me Sonny posted on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, readers have shared their positive opinions and remarks.  We appreciate, encourage, and look forward to the feedback that is coming in.  You can also send your comments and questions about the book to the author.  Direct all correspondence to authorpamelaclark   Pamela will respond, and because of volume, please allow her 2 to 3 days.

From Amazon Buyers:

 By:  Amanda/  Amazon Verified Purchase.  This review is from …but they call me Sonny (Hardcover)

 “I think I learned more reading this book then I ever did in any history book in middle or high school.”

By:  Kim/  Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from …but they call me Sonny (Hardcover)

 “All the emotions one human being can have, you will find yourself laughing, crying, getting angry with Sonny, and feeling his pain as you read.  I will read this book over and over again. I suggest this book to readers out there who want to experience “real life” issues and to the ones who want to have the experiences of how life was like back in the days gone by. I really, really enjoyed this book and I hope many of you will read it too!”

By:  Chris

Dear Karyn…

”I finished “But They Call Me Sonny” last night! I truly enjoyed reading your Grandfather’s life story!!! I found it fascinating that your Aunt Pam could research it all and put it together in a way that kept you wanting to see what would happen next in his life. Of course, not knowing how he died ahead of time added a touch of suspense for me!”

By: Shelly  

“Hi. I was reading part of your book online today.. I have to admit that I was captivated by it. It is a very good read.  I think I am going to buy your book this afternoon.”

 By:  Sandy

“I truly am enjoying the book. You are a good writer. My husband hates it when I am reading, so I have to wait for him to go busy himself so I can get back to it. Lol  I am going to buy a couple of the hard copies of this book. I hope to have you sign them both. I have an old Riverview friend who lives in Wyoming and I know she would really enjoy the book too. It will make a nice gift for her.”

Whispering Coves

“I love the cover!”

By Doug  Format: Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase

“This book has all of the magic of a good movie.  Sonny at a young age has learned the values of a dream and hard-work , during a time in this country of needs. The way of the story being told will amaze you and yet tug at your heart. At times, you want to reach in and grab him, and tell him, it will be all right. The magic of this book will keep you on a journey of hope, hate and rage. But like all great books, this one will make you proud of all of our grandfathers and fathers, and the hope of all of the people during the great depression. I would highly recommend this book, and hope and pray, that this story will be told onscreen..

From Facebook

Bobette  posted to  Pamela Clark

Pam I’m reading your book right now and I’am enjoying it but I had to laugh when Sonny tried to go over the 18th st bridge because I so remember that feeling he had and I knew right away what he had tripped on before I read it. I’m translating everything I read to my aunt she knew your family quit well. 4/20/12 FB Conservation.

Sandy:  posted on Facebook September 12, 2012

I have to say, I finished the book today, “but they call me Sonny.”  I have been thinking about the book a lot.  I cried for at least 15 minutes after I read it.  If you get a chance, get your hands on it and read it.  Well worth your time.

 Eloise posted on Facebook September 12, 2012

I would say…Yes, it would make a great movie.  So many different characters…so many different actors I can’t imagine playing them.  (and I’m not even finished with the book!) I heard it will make me cry!

Bobette  posted on Facebook September 12, 2012

I downloaded mine from Barnes & Noble.  A very good book!

Becky  posted on Facebook September 18, 2012

Pamela, I finished the book and loved reading it.  I could relate to Pat’s Pond, John Deere, and other Waterloo and Iowa locations.  Your book made me both laugh and cry.  What an amazing story.  I will definitely recommend this book to others.  Thanks!