About the Author

Majoring in Construction Engineering at Iowa State University, Pamela spent 20 years in the construction industry.  Moving from what she calls the outside to the inside, she completely changed direction and spent the next 12 years in the wide-world of Banking as a Front-end Fraud Investigator.

Driven by a secret motive, Pamela far and above exceeded her level of responsibilities.  Nominated Woman of the Year by Soroptimist International, she also held membership in the American Business Woman Association, the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, and served as President of Women in Construction.  Believing in giving back to the community, Pamela served as the chief liaison for the Job Service Improvement Program, a position that raised job awareness between the State of Iowa and Washington D.C.

Not until she retired was Pamela able to pursue her ultimate goal…locating the man fate tried to leave behind.  40 years in waiting, 7 years of researching, Pamela reveals her hidden motive and gives us the rest of the story in her book …but they call me Sonny.


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