…but they call me Sonny

This real-life epic unfolds while the world strains to endure hard times.  Times so tough they named it; we call it The Great Depression.  Of all the books written but they call me Sonny shines light on an era where others veil what went on in a sepia persona.  Live life through the eyes of a fourteen year old boy; one that thinks a shift in the economy might just be an improvement.  After all, how bad can it be?  To him it just means if you lose it, that you were lucky to have had it in the first place.

Cast out and left to fend on his own, he must decide which direction to go.  But then revealed is a secret; one so great it sets him on a journey that takes him to all but two of the forty-eight states in the Union. Life now his school, what twist of fate forces him to live life on the outside. Each chapter presents new adventures and new encounters.  A book filled with distinct personalities that present new challenges.  Travel through a period where tens of thousands are on the move to find a better life.  That is, all but one; Sonny isn’t looking for a better life…he’s looks for the life he was born to live.

The author wrote this book in three parts, with each chapter divided into subsections.  This makes for an easy read, and conforms to a busy life-style.  Walk down a road with Sonny; kick a rock along the way as you look out to find nothing but dirt and sagebrush.  Laugh with him in good times.  Cry with him when times get rough.  Be there when he falls in love.  …and share with him what it means to become a man.